Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Corn Harvest

The kids and I drove over to see Daddy in the cornfield. Darren drove the combine when shelling the field closest to our house, and then dumped it straight into the truck. We rode in the combine with him for a while.

The kids are anxiously awaiting for Daddy to stop, and pick us up.
Dean & KatieLynn were living it up as they played on Emma's waterslide.
KatieLynn slows down for a picture.
Dean loves the water!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Colorado Wedding

KatieLynn and I had a girls' trip this weekend. Johnny (my brother) got married in Colorado this past weekend. Darren and Dean were supposed to go too, but it turned out that Darren was right in the middle of corn harvesting, so was unable to go. and as much as I hated for Dean to miss his uncle getting married, I wasn't brave enough to take two little ones on that trip by myself. :)
KatieLynn makes some sweet friends as we wait to board the plane.
Except for missing our boys, we had a great time! KatieLynn behaved very well with all the traveling Friday, and then swam (by herself) Friday night. After dinner that night, lots of our out-of-town family and friends visited by the hotel pool, and KatieLynn was begging me to go swimming. I think it was what she most looked forward to of the whole trip! Anyway, I told her that I wasn't going to swim with her, and she said that was just fine. So Papa & Bebe (my parents), Aunt Natalie & Uncle Harper, and I all took turns staying close to her while she swam. She slept like a rock, though right after we turned out the lights, she said that she could hear Daddy and Dean coming in....

Saturday morning we ate breakfast with family, and then you guessed it, went swimming again. But this time, I did get in with her. :) We swam for about an hour and a half, and we had a ball. The wedding was at 1pm (2pm Texas which is usually prime nap time), and KatieLynn couldn't have behaved any better. We explored the entire church early on, and then during the ceremony, she sat very still and quiet, mostly reading her books. I read part of 1Corinthians 13 in the middle of the ceremony, and when I sat back down, she told me she had sneezed -I'm not sure if she was confessing that she hadn't been completely quiet or just missed someone saying 'bless you.' At any rate, I smiled and said, "Bless you!".
KatieLynn makes sure I'm all fixed up nice. Natalie, Harper, and my parents
my little girl angel
KatieLynn used her toy camera to take lots of pictures
Johnny and my new beautiful sister, Lauren
KatieLynn rode on the carousel after we ate lunch at the mall, by our hotel.