Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We could not have been more blessed. Below is our family Christmas picture, taken by Natalie (my sis) of course. KatieLynn shows off some new games: Noah's Ark go fish & Bible memory.
Dean loves his new green boots!
KatieLynn passes out a present to Daddy (we did one at a time), as Daddy tries to get new tractor out of package.
KatieLynn helps me open presents.
Darren's parents with grandkids: Emma, Dean, & KatieLynn
My mother (Bebe) with KatieLynn & Dean
We had our 1st Christmas Wednesday, the 23rd at Darren's parents (Gigi & Papoo). We all got enough there to last for the whole Christmas! KatieLynn's favorite presents were a teaset and leapfrog scribble & write. Dean's favorites were big CAT backhoe and leapfrog scribble & write. The next night we spent Christmas Eve at Darren's grandpa's. It was great to visit everyone, and the kids enjoyed playing with all their cousins! All the kids were very anxious to open presents, which we of course did at the end of the night. :)
Christmas Day the kids woke up after 7am (I think that was their present to us!), but got in the swing of things very quickly!! Santa brought a digital camera (KL) and a John Deere planter (D -Darren went and bought on Christmas Eve! Dean had talked about asking for lots of different implements: shredder, mower, planter, and also construction. I had gotten wooden construction trucks before Thanksgiving... but for the last week and a half all he talked about was the planter. I told Darren it didn't matter, that he'd be happy with whatever, but Darren said he needed the planter... so we put the construction up for another event). KatieLynn and Dean were just as excited to pass out presents as they were to open thier own. Fun times!!
We headed to Brenham for lunch. We had a great visit with everyone, including Johnny & Lauren. We all got lots of goods there too, including a double stroller, girl train, game, and Strawberry Shortcake for KatieLynn, and remote dumptruck and conveyor, mater, construction magnets, bulldozer, and dumptruck for Dean. Then the next day we drove to west Texas to get together with my dad's family in Miles, and my mom's family in Robert Lee (San Angelo area). I enjoyed catching up with lots of my cousins and extended family.
We came home Sunday night, and began the cleanup of the present tornado! Things look much better now, we have kind of found homes for all the new stuff and trash pickup came this morning. :) I imagine I'll start boxing up our Christmas decor tomorrow. It will be sad... but much less clutter.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Visit

Guess where we went to visit Santa? The John Deere store (in Navasota), of course! It was a FUN morning! The kids both won 1st place in the pedal tractor races for their age groups (I didn't take my camera. :( ) and recieved tractor toys as a result. They loved looking at all the toys, and Darren got some shopping done! Then, they of course, visited Santa. Dean wanted (inside) dirt, but decided to ask for a shredder instead. KatieLynn wanted a digital camera and Strawberry Shortcake dolls, but decided to ask Santa for the SS dolls, but the next day, she changed her mind, and wrote him a letter asking for a 'digigal camera please'. (which is good since I ordered the camera at Thanksgiving!!)

Christmas Program at preSchool

Last Thursday was KatieLynn's Christmas program at school. She was so excited, and has been singing the songs for weeks! Her program started at 7:30pm, and that is VERY close to her 8pm bedtime, which is very important since she only naps occasionally. She did sing some, but she also looked around and yawned a lot, not the big performance she would have given an hour earlier... but she had a great time just the same. And I was proud of her just the same as if she had a lead part in the whole show! It made me emotional just to see her walking up on stage (with her class); she's growing so fast! I didn't get many pics, due to lighting, but Dean behaved great; I was proud of him too!

Gingerbread House

Ever since I bought a gingerbread house kit in late October, the kids have been anxious to complete it! I kept telling them that we had to wait until Thanksgiving, so Thanksgiving morning, they were ready!! They had a wonderful time putting it together and decorating it! They both said it was the best part of their day when they went to bed that night. :)

I let them start eating some the next day. They mostly eat all the candy and icing off!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deer Hunting

Well, here is evidence that the deer are in rut. A couple of weeks ago, Darren called me as he was driving a tractor in a hayfield; an old buck with a doe were in the field. It was a narrow, but high horned deer that Darren wanted shot for a cull. So I loaded up the kids and my 243 rifle. Dean had just laid down for nap, but as soon as I told him we were going deer hunting, he started whispering (while still in his bed) and telling me how quiet we should be! KatieLynn started holding her ears as soon as we got in the garage, in preparation for the loud boom! The kids were very excited!

As we got to the field, we spotted the buck, still staying close to the doe. I haven't shot a deer in 6 or 7 years, so I was a little nervous, plus Darren is telling me to be sure I can make the shot, because he doesn't want me just wounding the deer, on top of the kids in the backseat taking it all in. But I took a deep breath, and remembered my dad's voice telling me to hold the gun tight to my shoulder, and just squeeze the trigger... so I did. When the deer fell down, KatieLynn asked me if we were eating deer meat that night, then Dean says, "Ooo I just love that ol' deer meat!"

The kids have seen Darren shot hogs before, but this was the first time to see a deer shot, and I feel like they will remember it always.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween: Lion Cub & Construction Worker

A few days before Halloween, we met some friends (thanks Bryant's!) at a park to decorate sugar cookies. I don't know what the kids enjoyed more, playing with friends on the playground, decorating cookies, or eating them! It was all a blast! And I enjoyed watching them just as much; they were so excited!
Dean carefully places little m&ms on his cookie.Our Lioness is done decorating and ready to eat! Dean's ready to dig in, too!
We went to our church's Halloween festival Saturday afternoon, and then that night, we went trick-or-treating with cousin Emma (the mermaid) in her subdivision.
Bob (Dean) the Builder, Lion cub, and Mermaid
We rode on a little wagon to go trick-or-treating.
Dean & KatieLynn get thier 'treat', and usually remembered to say thank-you.

Dean's Birthday Party

We had a small birthday party with only close family and friends the weekend after Dean's birthday. Before he took his nap, he told me 'Close the door. I go to sleep; you go make my trackhoe and dirt for my cake.' He was so excited! Claire, Emma, Hadley, Dean, KatieLynn, & Gracie
Dean, Hadley, & KatieLynn
I assist Dean as he opens presents.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Dean turned 3 years old this month! He is very into construction equipment right now, and requested a backhoe for his 'real' birth-day chocolate chip cookie cake. He was so excited, and ate the front scoop first, and then ate the back scoop the next day.
Dean claps for himself after he blows out the candles.
(we've been pretend singing Happy Birthday for weeks!)Dean opens a present from Uncle Johnny (my brother) and Aunt Lauren: a Denver Broncos truck!When Dean woke up on his birthday, he opened up a white Peterbilt, trailer, and skid steer.A few days before his birthday, the kids spent the night with my parents and when they came back to Hockley, Bebe & Papa took them to the John Deere store to pick out a birthday present. Dean immediately grabbed a trackhoe! We went to Chuck-E-Cheese on Dean's actual birthday. We weren't able to go during the day, and it was a little crazy that night! but the kids had a good time anyway. They rode everything!Here's my baby when he was a real baby. He's 5 days old here, and though it seems like ages ago on one hand, I remember those sweet, completely dependable days like yesterday. Dean was born weighing over 9 pounds, and was a healthy eater from the beginning. He got on a schedule quickly, and was an easy going baby that turned into an easy going toddler. Here is Dean at 6 weeks old, sacked out at Thanksgiving. Special Things about Dean:
He LOVES tractors, trucks, and all equipment!
His favorite color is green, with blue his #2.
Playing in the dirt is a favorite pastime.
Driving my pedal tractor, trike, and bike are also fav's.
He gives good hugs and snuggles.
Dean is great to share with family and friends, whether it's food or toys!
He loves to help Daddy in the fields and tractors.
His favorite foods: cheese dip & chicken nuggets
He also likes nearly every sweet or dessert.
Dean is somewhat cautious, but usually if KatieLynn does something, he is right behind her.
His favorite shows: Bob the Builder, John Deere DVD series, Auto B. Good
Dean is a sweet, loving son and brother (usually!). He's only been here for 3 years, but I can't remember life without him. We're so blessed to have him, and pray that we will raise him up to be a strong, Godly man.

Riding the Train!

If you live close to us, you need to come to Zube Park! It's right here in Hockley, and the 3rd Saturday of months March-November, a group of retired men run their trains for the kids to ride. We usually have to wait in line for a little while, but it's worth it! The ride lasts about 10 minutes, and the kids love it! We went the weekend after Dean's birthday with Gigi, Emma, Hadley, Wyatt, & Catherine, and the weather was perfect! It was a little cool, but great for waiting in line. :) Dean & KatieLynn & Hadley

train track w/little depot

Momma, Dean, and KatieLynn

Gigi, Emma, Dean, KatieLynn, Hadley, Catherine, Wyatt

Gigi & Emma

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fair Time!

We had lots of fun at the fairs this year! We started a couple of weeks ago in Brenham at the Washington County Fair. The kids and I went to the petting zoo, walked through the 4H projects, inspected the antique tractors, and handshelled our own corn during the day. Then that night Darren came with us to look at a few booths, and then lived it up at the carnival. After the kids rode all the rides (several times!) we went to the rodeo.
The next weekend we helped kick off the Waller County Fair with a parade in downtown Hempstead. KatieLynn rode on a float (as a candidate for Little Miss), and though Dean really wanted to ride the float too, he enjoyed watching the parade.
Dean & KatieLynn both enjoyed the chance to 'drive' the skid steer! KatieLynn, Hadley, and Dean hang out on the fence at the rodeo.Dean and KatieLynn both competed in the Pedal Tractor Pull. Dean won 1st place in the 2-3 year olds, going 16 feet. KatieLynn won 1st place in the 4-5 year olds, going 24 feet. They were both SO excited, and we were quite proud. :)

Below are several pictures from the carvinal. We met Emma (our 4yo niece) and Hadley (our 3yo close family friend) there, and all the kids LOVED the carnival! There was a special during the afternoon on Friday, and they kids rode all the rides multiple times.