Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre-School Graduation

This week my big girl, KatieLynn, graduated from pre-school! I know it sounds silly, come on, graduation from pre-school? But KatieLynn was proud, so we were too! They sang some great songs, and then walked across the stage and accepted their diploma (or telescope as KatieLynn called it). She has been going Tuesday and Thursday to pre-school for the last year, and this past Tuesday was her last day. She had a great day (as always) and said she was ready for kindergarten on Thursday. :) I don't think it has fully sunk in that pre-school is over for her, and she has a whole summer before kindergarten! We will have to keep busy (and wet) the next few months. Katie is also making herself more independent. She told me that I need to buy more dresses that she can put on all by herself (aka, nothing that zips or ties in the back). And just this week has decided that she is okay being called KATIE instead of KatieLynn. Since she was 2 years old, she has requested to be called KatieLynn (which I love!). Then last summer, she told me she only wanted to write her name as Katie. I informed her that would be fine, but people would be calling her Katie instead of KatieLynn. That wasn't acceptable to her, so she has written KatieLynn all year, but has now decided that it's okay if people call her Katie, if that means she only has to write 5 letters instead of 9!

Dean enjoyed playing with Bebe's i-phone during the program!
My sweet boy is such a stinker these days when it comes to picture taking! But he did want to know why Bebe (my mother) didn't have more pictures of him on her phone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fishing, Swinging, & Digging!

Darren is an avid deer hunter, but never been much of a fisherman. But KatieLynn & Dean have been asking to go fishing for close to a year, and this daddy loves his kids, so he finally gave in. There much anticipation and excitement, but no fish were caught thus far...

Daddy can push really high!
They love swinging, it's probably KatieLynn's favorite thing to do outside.
Dean likes swinging, but digging is by far his favorite.
The boys work in the garden.