Monday, March 15, 2010


We had a great time at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this year! The kids and I went three times. Darren went with us the first time, where we watched the rodeo and then saw Jason Aldean. During the rodeo, Dean asked about every 20 minutes when Jason Aldean was coming on. Then, once he did come out, Dean asked about every 5 minutes when he was going to sing 'My Big Green Tractor' (Dean's alltime favorite song). He finally sang it for the 7th song!!
Last Thursday, the kids and I went to the rodeo and then watched a little of Brad Paisley. The kids enjoyed the bus ride (we did park and ride this time), and were great all evening. the concert was a little loud, and the kids (and I) were tired, so we headed home after a couple of songs. Yesterday I took the kids again (for the last time in 2010), and we did some outside activities like the carnival, pony ride, and mutton bustin'. Fun was had by all!
Dean with his blue cotton candy beard! Here's KatieLynn at the mutton bustin; she's been dying to ride the sheep since last year! She held on for 3 whole seconds! :) She did great, and was super excited before and after the ride! Sweet little country girl!
Dean riding the pony
KatieLynn on the pony Dean excited about Jason Aldean singing 'My Big Green Tractor'