Sunday, August 1, 2010

Galveston Trip

Last week we went on a Friedel family getaway, minus the Friedel men. Gigi (my mother-in-law) treated my kids and I, plus my sister-in-law and her 2 kids to a night in Galveston. We had lots of fun, and the kids could not get enough of the beach!
KatieLynn and Dean would run into the ocean, jumping over the waves, and then right back to the beach running away from the waves.KatieLynn found lots of seashells
Dean loves digging in all the sand KatieLynn & Emma

The kids dig after we eat lunch.Ice cream! Believe it or not, Dean likes the cone more than the ice cream!
KatieLynn didn't need any help finishing hers.

Bike Riders

There's not a day goes by that the kids don't ride their bikes. They love riding bikes! In front of our garage is a big spot of concrete that they make circles on, and the rest of our driveway is gravel rocks. Dean can drive on the gravel with no problem, but KatieLynn is much more cautious, after taking the training wheels off. We try to go to a nearby park at least once a week; it has a huge area they can ride, as well as a great playground!

Waco Family Getaway

Last weekend, our little family of four headed to Waco for a weekend getaway. We went to the zoo, swam at the hotel, ate blizzards from Dairy Queen, took a great nap all together, and played at a playground. It was nothing exciting, but since we were away from home, Darren couldn't work, so he HAD to spend time with us.. just good family fun. :)Look at the rattlesnake!!