Monday, March 30, 2009

Houston Rodeo Days

We had a great time at the rodeo this year! We wound up going 3 times; twice with the kids, and once without. The kids said they loved the horses and the fireworks the best. The kids loved the rodeo. Ever since, we've had lots of 'rodeos' in our garage, including calf roping, steer dogging, barrel racing, calf scramble, and mutton busting (kids riding sheep). We attended the Toby Keith concert, but we didn't stay very long because it was just too loud. I know I sound really old when I say that, but truly, it hurt our ears. Darren and I went back by ourselves to see Brooks-n-Dunn. The rodeo was very exciting, as it was the finals, and although the concert was loud, it was nothing like before... the music was great, and we stayed to the end.Waiting in line for the pony rideDean loved the pony rides; he talked about it for days before and days afterward!KatieLynn, too loved the pony rides!We rode the park-n-ride, and there was a girl on the bus who had the same shirt as KatieLynn; they were both quite excited!! For the next two days, KatieLynn kept asking me when she could play with her new friend from the bus. I said I didn't know where the girl lived, and she came up with "Maybe we'll see her again next year at the rodeo."Playing at Zube Park with the Gracie & ChipperThe girls are up high! Today is KatieLynn's 4th birthday; hopefully I'll post more soon! :)