Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

We're finally stepping into this century, and starting a blog. My sister has encouraged us to start our own website, so we are using this as a baby step towards a website...

We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday morning the kids and I went to our church, Macedonia Methodist, for an Easter egg hunt and pancake breakfast. The kids had a wonderful time hunting for the eggs, and were pleasantly surprised to find candy inside!

Darren has been busy in the fields for the last couple of weeks. It finally stopped raining so they could get all the corn ground disced up, and he started planting late last week. Unfortunately, he had to work over the weekend, but we are just thankful that the weather is holding for us. Darren is really burning the midnight oil, working way past our bedtime, and then getting up at 5am. I don't think we've been this tired since we had a newborn baby, though I'm sure he is more tired than me right now. I wait up for him at night, and then get up in the morning to cook his breakfast, but then usually go back to sleep for an hour or so. The kids are missing him in our regular daily activities, but we are still spending some time with him, as we take him lunch and dinner every day. The kids absolutely love playing in the dirt, and then we usually make a few rounds in the tractor with Daddy. It's fun for everyone, and I know it helps break up Darren's day. He has a new computer on the tractor, and working the kinks out has been a little frustrating for him, but hopefully in the long run, it will make things easier.
Here's a picture of Dean playing in the cornfield.


Brigitte said...

The kids are getting so big! Have fun blogging. It really is a fun way to let people keep up with your family.

Jamie said...

Cute pictures! The kids look like they are having so much fun! Cute kids! Your page and pictures look so professional. You did a great job! Have fun!

dmjenkins said...

Look at you...I am so excited you started a blog. Now I can keep up with the kiddos...love the layout and pictures. How stinkin' cute are your kiddos (but look at their mama) Looking forward to staying in touch better this way!Dawn

Julie said...

I LOVE the blog! You did a great job on it. I will make it one of the regulars that I look at. Katie and Dean are getting so big! They are really cute too. Th picture of them in the tractor with Darren brings back memories of us riding in the tractor with my dad. Tell Darren to hang in there. Hopefully he will be done with his work soon and things can get back to normal...although I am not sure that will happen with the busier season coming up. Take care, and love you! Julie

phm829 said...

Thanks for including me in viewing your website and keeping up with your kiddos. Katie looks so much like you. Both are growing like little weeds and BeBe and Papa must be so proud of them.
God bless you all and I will visit again. Shoot I might even start my own BLOG.
Love you guys, Aunt Pam