Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Fun

We are thoroughly enjoying the summer, though it's getting a little hotter than I would prefer. :) We are spending lots of time swimming, wherever we can find water, whether it's our little pool at home or another pool with friends. KatieLynn and Dean are fascinated by the caterpillar-chrysalis-butterflies! Our passion flower has gone crazy this summer, and has attracted thousands of caterpillars. The kids love watching them, and have seen up close how they make their chrysalis. For some reason, lots of caterpillars have chosen the kids' little slide to make their cocoon/chrysalis. I had butterfly boxes in my classroom for 3 years, but never actually saw the caterpillars make their chyrsalis step by step until this week -it's pretty cool!
KatieLynn counts all the chrysalises (sp?), as Dean points them all out.
Dean squeals at each caterpillar.
and there's lots of caterpillars and lots of bites out of the passion vine!

Here's one of the passion flowers; it smells so good!!!

Dean ate some chocolate pudding, but most of it wound up on his face!

The kids love picking up sticks and then riding with Daddy to dump them at the lake.

Darren started shelling corn on Monday, so we have gotten to take several rides with him in the Peterbilt.

KatieLynn likes the roomy sleeper in the back of the truck.

Dean LOVES Daddy's big truck!

Look at the little farmers.

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Dawn Jenkins said...

Nicole the kids are so cute...great pictures. Thanks for the update and can't wait to see ya in a few weeks!