Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swim Lessons & Harvesting

We started swim lessons last week, and finished up today. KatieLynn has been having a ball; it's been like a big playtime for her! I offered Dean the chance to take lessons too, but I was secretly hoping he'd say no, as the only class offered to 2 year olds is Mommy-and-me... and he is so far above that! He did say no, but I think he regretted it, and will be ready for swim lessons next year. I will say he was a trooper though, playing with his trucks, tractors, and combine, while watching KatieLynn in the water. The good news is that after swim lessons, the kids got to play on the playground for about 15 minutes until the pool opened, then they swam together for a while every day. Fun Slide!
KatieLynn dives in for her favorite game of swim lessons: treasure hunt! The teachers throw out diving toys, and then the kids race to go get them underwater.
Look at our little mermaid! Swim lessons has taught KatieLynn how to open her eyes underwater. The teachers have taught some strokes, but in my opinion they didn't practice them enough. Plus the entire pool is shallow, so there wasn't much motivation to swim, when standing up was so simple. Hopefully we can practice on our own, and the strokes will be remembered. :)Our sweet boy loves pedaling!
and so does KatieLynn!
They take turns driving the combine, the tractor with grain cart (trailer), and the loader tractor. They also play 'harvest'. The combine driver says they're full, then the tractor driver pulls the wagon up, and the combine auger comes up and dumps the corn into the cart. Too cute!
Dean hauls corn, his boots, and Hadley!

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Dawn Jenkins said...

looks like a total blast to me...I can't wait for our own "place" in the country!!! Miss you friend!