Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday KatieLynn!

On March 30th, KatieLynn was born 5 years ago. The time has gone so fast, but on the other hand, I barely remember my life before she was born! Though I certainly had MUCH more time on my hands back then, I don't know what I did with it all!

KatieLynn chose strawberries and Strawberry Shortcake for her birthday theme year. I opted to do just strawberries on her cake, though we did have Strawberry Shortcake pinata and paper goods. She was thrilled with the cake, even if she only ate a little icing, but made up for it by having 2 cups of chocolate ice cream!

Happy Birthday dear KatieLynn, Happy Birthday to you!!

We didn't know if Darren would be finished planting corn in time for a party, so we opted to have it away from home, to make less work for us. We chose the Oil Ranch, and we couldn't have had more fun! We did decide to make the invite list smaller, and limited it to KatieLynn's family friends that she plays with on a weekly basis. It made an intimate party, and we were able to enjoy playing and visiting with everyone.
KatieLynn gets to milk a cow! Dean was very interested in watching her, but wanted no part of it himself.
KatieLynn rides a pony.
In the huge haystack, KatieLynn was surprised and very excited to find an egg laid by one of the ranch hens.
The train ride was a hit for everyone.
On the actual birthday, KatieLynn requested brownies and ice cream.
  • KatieLynn's favorite inside thing to do is play games, like Hide-n-Seek, Chutes-n-Ladders, and Go Fish (just to name a few). Her favorite outside thing to do is swing, with jumping on the trampoline and riding her bike close seconds.
  • Her favorite toys to play with are miniature strawberry shortcake and friends' dolls, polly pocket girls, miniature little ponies, and her dollhouse.
  • KatieLynn's favorite things to watch are Strawberry Shortcake, Super Why, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Her favorite bible story describes Heaven.
  • She loves preschool and playing with friends.
  • She enjoys making crafts, and decorating with glitter, etc.
  • Although, she may not always admit it, her favorite playmate is her brother. She and Dean will play for hours together, both outside and in (his room, not hers though!).
  • KatieLynn always finds the silver lining.
  • I love how she is always ready to tell me she loves me and give me a hug!
  • She is our sweet angel, and we are so blessed that God gave her to us.

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