Thursday, June 24, 2010


Darren and the kids harvest our garden sweet corn. Dean loved plucking and shucking, and then passed it off for someone else to desilk (he'd tell me to pull all the hair off). KatieLynn was great at shucking and pulling off the silk. And she couldn't wait to cook and eat some! Dean was excited and tried some of the corn, but didn't care for it still. KatieLynn ate some, but her other bottom middle tooth is loose, and it bothered her tooth when she ate it. I cut the corn off the cob for her, but I guess eating it on the cob is more fun, as she didn't eat much this time.KatieLynn has passed another milestone in her young life. We took the training wheels off her bike, and she's riding like a champ! She's quite excited and proud of herself. Dean also wanted his training wheels off, but after two days, I put them back on. He was too busy looking behind him, checking the tires and making skid marks. He was upset, but I told him if he wants we'll take them off when he turns 4.

Monkeys in the swing!

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Natalie said...

Awwww! They're getting so big! It's weird to see Katie in those tennis shoes instead of boots!