Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Boy turns 4!

Dean turned 4 this month! He has been anticipating this for at least a couple of months, and I don't think he was disappointed. For the last year or so, he has been into logging. Darren started watching a show called Swamp Loggers on Discovery Channel, and Dean loved it! What he asked me to put on his cake is a 'tracked feller buncher'. For you that don't know about logging, this is a trackhoe (gets stuck less in the swamp) with a feller buncher on the end of its arm. A feller buncher has a large blade, and makes the tree fall (or fell in a bunch!). Anyway, he has very excited when he saw it! and also excited to eat it!!

On Dean's actual birthday, he opened a couple of presents, and then we were on our way to the doctor's office after taking KatieLynn to school. He bravely got 5 shots! Then we met Fisher and Tate for playtime at a great park (where I got no pictures) but did get one at Double Dave's where we got some yummy pepperoni rolls!
Then after naptime, we picked up Darren from the barn and KatieLynn from school, and then went to Chuck E Cheese for an hour of fun! Afterward we went home for dinner and chocolate chip cookies with ice cream.
On Thursday, I took brownies and ice cream for Dean's preschool class. He enjoyed us singing to him!

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Dawn Jenkins said...

I can't believe he's 4. I love the cake! BTW - we are moving to Childress. Ronnie already started his new job with FSA. We need to catch up soon!