Monday, March 28, 2011

T - Ball

Saturday (3/26) was KatieLynn's first tball game. She has been attending practice for about a month now. We had to be in Fairfield to load up for the parade at 7:30am (I was really wishing they had done this parade before Daylight Savings! We stayed up late with the Schultz's the night before skunk hunting!!) Anyway, once the parade actually started it was fun for all. KatieLynn hit the ball all 5 innings, and was always able to run home. We were proud!
Evidently fielding was not as fun, as she had a hard time remembering to watch the ball, instead of playing in the dirt... though she did make a good play when she played 3rd base. We'll have to work on that a little bit! :)

her friend, Grace, and KatieLynn ready for the parade

All in all, a long but FUN day!

PS: If you think I have a preference with my kids because there's usually more pics of KatieLynn, I don't; Dean is a little (or a lot) camera shy.

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Laura said...

What a cutie pie! I played t-ball and softball growing up from 6 years all the way through high school and loved it. I know KL will get the hang of playing defense. It is a hard sport! She looked adorable in her rodeo outfit. Tell her we are proud of her for being brave and being in the mutton bustin' event!