Monday, June 13, 2011

It's a Little Dry

Like many of you, we've not received significant rain in MONTHS, and even then we were behind. Our cornfields are not tall, the plants tasseled very early, and the stalks are drying down quite quickly. The kids and I prayed for rain almost constantly after we planted, but in mid-April we changed our prayers to ask God to make our crops grow and be prosperous. We still pray that our harvest is good, but more than that, we trust that our Lord will take care of us through whatever happens.

I think KatieLynn found the biggest ear! It was on the end of the row, and the surrounding seeds never came up. Most of the others we found were about half that size. Dean loves to pick ears!

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Laura said...

We're praying for rain here too. We have had 1.11 inches so far this year. Very bad. Paw Paw says it's worse than the drought of 1953. Yikes!