Saturday, December 17, 2011


I made 2 rag quilts for KatieLynn's school auction. The black one is for her class, and the red one is for the other first grade class at her school. Her school has a gala each year, and every grade has to have an auction item, with part of it being student involved. The first grade is donating a weekend getaway to Lost Pines, along the school colored red & black quilts that the students handprinted. Whomever bids the highest, can choose to keep all three things, or they might put one or both quilts back into auction for someone else to bid, and the school to make more money.

I enjoyed making the quilts; I hadn't really sewed in a couple of months, and it felt good to be productive on the sewing machine!

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Laura said...

Cute!! You are so talented Nicole.