Saturday, March 17, 2012


We went with Daddy to the deer lease in early January. The kids had a blast exploring all over the ranch! In the afternoons,the kids took turns sitting with each of us in the deer stand, though I wasn't allowed to shoot a deer (he doesn't trust that I will shoot the right one). In the mornings, Dean and Darren hunted, though I might as well of gone's not like I wasn't up. The guys aren't exactly quiet, plus the sunrise happens about 30 minutes later out there than at home.
Dean was more excited than Darren was when this bobcat showed up at their stand one morning. After Darren made the shot, and they climbed down (Dean first), Dean highfived Darren, and said, "Now that was teamwork!"

He has already asked if it can go in his bedroom!Katie was pretty pumped up when Darren shot a hog. Here's our little girl scout! KatieLynn is a Daisy this year, and is enjoying learning, spending time with friends, and participating in lots of hands on activities. Thanks to everyone who bought girl scout cookies!!

We celebrated Gigi's (Darren's mother) birthday. A good time was had by all!

cousins: Dean, Emma, Aiden, & KatieLynn

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Laura said...

that's a nice cat! way to go Darren and Dean!