Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Nice Weekend

We've enjoyed lots of beautiful weather for many days, though it has been a little cool the last several mornings. The kids love to play outside, regardless of the activity. Here's a picture of them beside our (small) garden. KatieLynn likes to help me water, sometimes pulls weeds, but her favorite thing is to check to see it there are any strawberries that are ready to be picked. Dean also likes working in the garden, but the problem is that he sits on top of the rows (and plants) and often pulls plants up with the weeds... so for the most part he works on the outside edge of the plot. :)

Dean laughs as he 'pretend' falls down, and when KatieLynn giggles, Dean acts even more silly.

KatieLynn works on her new puzzle (Thanks Uncle Johnny & Lauren!) after church. She's wearing a dress that I wore as a little girl, that my Granny Millican gave me.

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Julie said...

What a special dress KatieLynn has on! How neat! Glad the kiddos got to play outside. They look so cute playing together. Love, Julie