Monday, April 7, 2008

Beautiful Days

We had a nice week and weekend. The kids got to spend lots of time outside, which they loved. Darren finished planting corn, and this week will be working in the rice fields. It was nice to have him home for most of the weekend. Sunday, we ate lunch at Darren's grandpa's house, to celebrate his(PawPaw's) birthday. We're so thankful he's close by, and so healthy. Here's a few recent pictures of the kids.

Dean is reading a John Deere book to his bear, and Katie Lynn is doing a puzzle.


Julie said...

I like your scrapbook addition to the blog. I have seen those before, but I haven't taken the time to do anything like that. The kiddos look so cute sitting the the picnic table together! Love you, Julie

dmjenkins said...

Nicole, I love the scrapbook addition to your blog. You've done so well keeping up, I am about 5 months behind. You'll have to email me and tell me how you put that on your blog.