Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting Wet

It rained again! We got just under an inch early yesterday morning; just the right amount! All of our crops look good, so we're very thankful. Our garden is also thriving, though it still has lots of grass. We have been enjoying strawberries, and got our first tomato today. KatieLynn was so excited, as tomatoes are one of her favorites.

The kids had so much fun sliding into the little pool, that we decided to buy a new pool that has a slide, and is a little bigger than last year's pool. Dean was still so little last summer, that I had bought the smallest pool there was, so he could crawl in and out, but as you can see, he is very capable of using a larger one now. :) The water was pretty chilly last night, but Dean and KatieLynn sure didn't notice!
This past weekend, we got the pool out, and the kids had a ball splashing and playing. They moved our little slide over so they could slide into the water, and loved it!
Hadley came to visit, but thought it was a little cool to swim, so she opted to swing instead.
Dean is very into sitting on the toilet. He has yet to actually do his business on it, but he really enjoys getting out the seat and getting up there. Then he wants to read one of Daddy's tractor magazines; it's quite hilarious to watch him!


Dawn Jenkins said...

I wish I would have gotten that pool this year...I got an inflatable one...not a good choice in the west Texas wind. Dean is so stinkin' cute Nicole. Sorry I haven't called you's been crazy this week. Miss ya!

Julie said...

It is so funny to see Dean on the toilet with a tractor magazine!!! That reminds me so much of Logan. In fact, we have a picture of him sitting on the toilet doing his business while looking at a farming magazine! I am glad your kids enjoy the pool no matter how cold it is! It looks like they are having a blast! Great job on the garden. Josh would be so jealous. Love you, Julie