Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Raining!

We have had a wonderful week! The kids got to play at the park twice last week(with the Bolciks and Burmans), and loved every minute. The weather got a little cooler and we couldn't ask for prettier days. We also had a great time playing with Bebe and Papa, both at our house, and theirs. Darren worked very long hours last week, in the cornfields putting out fertilizer. He finally finished Friday evening, and was able to spend the weekend at home.

KatieLynn and I went to a festival in Bellville, where she got to ride a horse (sorry, I forgot my camera!). She was excited! We had a terrific time watching the parade and going to lots of different booths with Claire and her daddy, Glenn. We got to play with cousin Emma too. On Sunday, Papoo (Darren's dad) cooked lunch for us all. The kids always enjoy playing at Gigi & Papoo's, especially now that they have a swing set. Last night Darren watched Jack cook his famous fajitas, while Catherine and I watched the kids jump on the trampoline and play in the sandbox. The food was delicious, and the visit was lots of fun.

And some great news: It's rained nearly 2 inches today! Thank you Lord!


Julie said...

KatieLynn looks so big in these pictures! The festival sounds really exciting. I am glad the kids had so much fun playing with family and friends. I am glad Darren got done with his fertilizing, and got a rain! Just what he needed after putting out all that fertilizer!! Love, Julie

dmjenkins said...

It has finally rained up here too!!! Praise God b/c these farmers were needing it to plant. Love the pics...enjoyed our talk the other day!