Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playing Outside

Darren brought a load of sandy dirt, and dumped it in a corner of our yard. The kids absolutely LOVE it! They dig and dump, over and over and over. The downside is that my house may never be the same; it seems like my floors are never clean! Shoes, socks, and pants come off on the back porch, but still the house always has sand everywhere. But the upside is the kids have a great time and sleep good after playing outside. :)

KatieLynn & Dean work together to fill up the dump truck.
Queen of the Sand Pile!The kids have a good time playing with Brody & Lauren Bolcik.KatieLynn is ready to go with Gigi and Emma to the Waller Co. Fair parade.Dean plays on the playground at the park in Hockley.KatieLynn loves swinging in the 'big girl' swing.KatieLynn & Gracie take a break to get more nourishment.

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