Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We're Home!

Sorry I haven't written sooner, but we have been home for several days now. Our power was restored Friday afternoon, but the kids and I had already planned to go to the County Fair in Brenham, with Bebe (my mom). We went Friday morning to look at all the animals and displays, and then went back that evening to enjoy the rides. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot, and KatieLynn saw all the lights at the carnival rides, she said, "Oh, I'm so excited!" So we were excited too! Dean was excited, and loved the carousel, but on the next ride, I couldn't ride with him, or stand close, so he wasn't too sure. I let him get down, but then as soon as the ride started, and he saw KatieLynn having fun riding, he wanted to get back on, but too late. However, he did ride all the other rides with his sister. :) Unfortunately we forgot our camera that evening, but here's a picture from the morning.

Dean liked all the animals, but his favorite thing was the tractors (of course!). He keep wanting to climb on all of them, and he couldn't climb on the antique tractors, so he would touch their tires, and anything else in reach. You'd think he never got to be around a tractor!

Bebe has lots of Thomas the Train DVDs, and the kids loved them!

Our house weathered the storm like a pro (it has lived through over a hundred years of hurricanes, so it is kind of like a professional). There were lots of limbs down, but Darren had them pretty much all picked up before we got home. We never found the trampoline, except for three leg pieces in the hayfield... the kids are sad, but I bet we'll get a new one in the next few months. :)

We had a wonderful visit in Brenham. My parents could not have treated us better, from sharing their beds, food, TV (my dad let us watch whatever he wanted -how sweet!), and everything else they had. The kids behaved very well, so it was a great 'vacation'. I know there were many who were not as fortunate, and my heart goes out to them. God Bless You!


The Mach's said...

Okay, thanks Nicole, you taotally put my blog to shame...you've gotten give me time to catch up!!!:) Anyway, LOVE IT!! Your kiddos are adorable, love the John Deere everywhere, they could totally be in an ad --you should sent the pics in! Added you guys to my blog, so I'll be checking it out-see you next week!

Dawn Jenkins said...

Nicole glad you guys weathered the storm well...mom and dad got nothing but wind. Sorry to hear about the trampoline...what a bummer. The kids are absolutely gorgeous...so proud of Dean. Kade is starting to show interest so I am hoping as we get closer to two he is able to gain some control and then we can say, "Good bye!" to diapers forever. I so enjoyed our visit in CS and I can't wait to see ya again. Lots of love!