Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Farming Kids

The kids new favorite spot is Daddy's hay shed. It's back behind our house, and they are ready to go there every chance they get. They climb on the round haybales, and jump from row to row. A few days when I was working on something in the house, and the kids were supposed to be playing in the yard, but instead they hiked down to the hay shed. They were just innocently playing, but I think they finally understand that they need permission to go down there.
Daddy's little helpers put the corn seed in all Daddy's little holes, after they put the fertilize out (which KatieLynn said smells just awful!). In the next few weeks, we'll add more vegtables, but Darren wanted to get the sweet corn planted a little early.
We all had a great weekend. My mom graciously came down to stay the weekend with the kids and Darren. Darren continued to work long hours, though he helped with bath and bedtime. KatieLynn and Dean had a wonderful time playing with and entertaining my mom. And lucky me -I had a girls weekend of sleep, rest, and scrapbooking in Fredricksburg. It's the first time I've been gone 2 nights, and I did miss the kids, but I came home completely recharged.


Dawn Jenkins said...

Two days to yourself to scrapbook...I don't think it gets any sweeter than that!!!
I am coming home the March you think the kids and I could come to your house on the 18th (that's a Wednesday???) If Ronnie doesn't come that will probably be our plan if you guys have time. let me know!

Crystal said...

They look like they are having too much fun. But then again who can go wrong with playing in the dirt? :)

Julie said...

Playing on the hay bales looks like so much fun! Riley would be jealous. I am so glad you got to have a girl's weekend! Every body needs a break now and is just so hard to do. Your garden sounds like it will be great. we only have onions so far. I don't think that Josh has any corn, but that sure does sound good! The kids are just as cute as ever! Yall take care. love, julie