Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Weekend

Hi there. We had a busy weekend, but my camera was left at home, so I have no pictures. :( We celebrated birthdays Friday night at Darren's parents' house. I made a birthday cake for Darren's dad with a horse on it, that the kids (especially Dean) were super excited about! Then early Saturday morning, we headed to the deer lease with a bulldozer. Once we got there (about 5 hours later), the kids laid down to rest, and Darren dozed some of the roads. Around 4pm, we all drove around, looking at the deer, hogs, and rabbits. The kids had a great time, but their favorite was climbing up the tower blinds! Darren shot a couple of hogs, which KatieLynn thought was cool to put her hands over her ears. Dean wasn't so sure about covering his ears, but did say that the hogs were going night-night, after the shot. We came back Sunday afternoon, but I think next time we'll plan to stay at least 2 nights. Lots of fun!
Here's a couple of morning pictures, after breakfast, while I clean up the kitchen. Dean loves his tractors, and KatieLynn is playing with the playdoh.
The kids enjoy riding their tricycles. Dean has just started pedaling in the last couple of weeks, but starting to get pretty good.
KatieLynn loves her new trike!

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