Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nothing New

I have no real news, but felt like I needed to post something. We spend most of our days outside; Dean's favorite thing is digging in the dirt -he sits there for hours! KatieLynn rotates around, but pedaling her trike, bike, and tractor, and swinging are her favorites.

Dean didn't have his shovel close by, so instead he used his hand to do the digging!KatieLynn loves being a trapeze artist! So sweet, she blows me a kiss!Dean is picking up rocks from the gravel driveway, and putting them in his loader. He then will drive around a little, and next, dump the rocks out, and start all over!
We are doing well. The kids and I have been diligent about our claritin, as our allergies have been bothering us a little. We have been enjoying lots of yummy tomatoes from our garden, and will eat some sweet corn real soon! For whatever reason, my strawberries haven't made very many, but the watermelon, cantelope, cucumbers, and green beans all seem to be doing well; just no fruit on them yet.
Darren has officially started haymaking season, so it seems like most of his time is in the hayfields cutting, tedding, baling, spraying, or fertilizing! But I can't complain; it seems like the weather is cooperating pretty well this year.

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