Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're enjoying our Summer

Here's some of our grape tomatoes and sweet corn from our garden; it all tastes delicious! KatieLynn loves tomatoes; she eats them by the dozen!KatieLynn started taking gymnastics about a month ago. She had been hearing about different classes like ballet, soccer, karate, gymnastics, etc. and been chomping at the bit since about 3 1/2years old to take something, but we had her wait until she was 4. On her birthday, she picked gymnastics and she loves it! Here she is with a friend right before class starts. I didn't get very good shots of her during the class, but maybe I will next time.Dean is a real trooper at gymnastics. He likes to take his trains to play with, and has also made friends (KatieLynnn's friend has two little brothers; and their mom is sweet too! :)).KatieLynn is hopping over circles on a balance beam, without falling off!Dean shares his things very well!We went to a Millican Reunion in Robert Lee this past weekend. It was nice to see lots of family that we haven't seen in a while; my kids enjoyed playing with some of their 3rd cousins.


Dawn Jenkins said...

that corn looks AMAZING!!!! Love ya!

Rose said...

You take such beautiful pictures! My name is Rose and I am a SAHM who homeschools. I have been visiting for a while and thought I would finally leave a comment! I really enjoy reading your posts. That corn you cooked up does look great! God bless, Rose

Anonymous said...

KatieLynn and Dean look so happy in these pics. I am glad they are having a good summer. The corn and 'maters' look awesome. Have a great day! Love, Laura Lacy