Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Dean turned 3 years old this month! He is very into construction equipment right now, and requested a backhoe for his 'real' birth-day chocolate chip cookie cake. He was so excited, and ate the front scoop first, and then ate the back scoop the next day.
Dean claps for himself after he blows out the candles.
(we've been pretend singing Happy Birthday for weeks!)Dean opens a present from Uncle Johnny (my brother) and Aunt Lauren: a Denver Broncos truck!When Dean woke up on his birthday, he opened up a white Peterbilt, trailer, and skid steer.A few days before his birthday, the kids spent the night with my parents and when they came back to Hockley, Bebe & Papa took them to the John Deere store to pick out a birthday present. Dean immediately grabbed a trackhoe! We went to Chuck-E-Cheese on Dean's actual birthday. We weren't able to go during the day, and it was a little crazy that night! but the kids had a good time anyway. They rode everything!Here's my baby when he was a real baby. He's 5 days old here, and though it seems like ages ago on one hand, I remember those sweet, completely dependable days like yesterday. Dean was born weighing over 9 pounds, and was a healthy eater from the beginning. He got on a schedule quickly, and was an easy going baby that turned into an easy going toddler. Here is Dean at 6 weeks old, sacked out at Thanksgiving. Special Things about Dean:
He LOVES tractors, trucks, and all equipment!
His favorite color is green, with blue his #2.
Playing in the dirt is a favorite pastime.
Driving my pedal tractor, trike, and bike are also fav's.
He gives good hugs and snuggles.
Dean is great to share with family and friends, whether it's food or toys!
He loves to help Daddy in the fields and tractors.
His favorite foods: cheese dip & chicken nuggets
He also likes nearly every sweet or dessert.
Dean is somewhat cautious, but usually if KatieLynn does something, he is right behind her.
His favorite shows: Bob the Builder, John Deere DVD series, Auto B. Good
Dean is a sweet, loving son and brother (usually!). He's only been here for 3 years, but I can't remember life without him. We're so blessed to have him, and pray that we will raise him up to be a strong, Godly man.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dean! I can see that y'all love him so much. Your sweet paragraph about Dean's personality and likes was touching. You are such a sweet Mommy! Have a happy and safe Halloween. Love, Laura & Leland

Julie said...

It is so hard to believe Dean is three! He is getting so big! Looks like he had fun at the birthday party. I hope we see you guys at Thanksgiving. Love, Julie

jfl.sml said...

Thank You for being the ultimate Mother to our precious grandbabies! We are so proud of you and KatieLynn & Dean are so very blessed to have you & Darren for parents.