Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Riding the Train!

If you live close to us, you need to come to Zube Park! It's right here in Hockley, and the 3rd Saturday of months March-November, a group of retired men run their trains for the kids to ride. We usually have to wait in line for a little while, but it's worth it! The ride lasts about 10 minutes, and the kids love it! We went the weekend after Dean's birthday with Gigi, Emma, Hadley, Wyatt, & Catherine, and the weather was perfect! It was a little cool, but great for waiting in line. :) Dean & KatieLynn & Hadley

train track w/little depot

Momma, Dean, and KatieLynn

Gigi, Emma, Dean, KatieLynn, Hadley, Catherine, Wyatt

Gigi & Emma

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