Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deer Hunting

Well, here is evidence that the deer are in rut. A couple of weeks ago, Darren called me as he was driving a tractor in a hayfield; an old buck with a doe were in the field. It was a narrow, but high horned deer that Darren wanted shot for a cull. So I loaded up the kids and my 243 rifle. Dean had just laid down for nap, but as soon as I told him we were going deer hunting, he started whispering (while still in his bed) and telling me how quiet we should be! KatieLynn started holding her ears as soon as we got in the garage, in preparation for the loud boom! The kids were very excited!

As we got to the field, we spotted the buck, still staying close to the doe. I haven't shot a deer in 6 or 7 years, so I was a little nervous, plus Darren is telling me to be sure I can make the shot, because he doesn't want me just wounding the deer, on top of the kids in the backseat taking it all in. But I took a deep breath, and remembered my dad's voice telling me to hold the gun tight to my shoulder, and just squeeze the trigger... so I did. When the deer fell down, KatieLynn asked me if we were eating deer meat that night, then Dean says, "Ooo I just love that ol' deer meat!"

The kids have seen Darren shot hogs before, but this was the first time to see a deer shot, and I feel like they will remember it always.


The Kramer Family said...

you are one amazing lady!!! i'm so proud of you right now and thinking you are the coolest farmer's wife ever!!

how fun for the kiddos!


Anonymous said...

Wow Nicole! It's true. Hunting is in the Lacy family blood. Leland will be so proud of you. I am going to forward the link to him. It's a beautiful buck. I think it's great that you are exposing KL and D to the reality of how meat gets to the table. Very cool!--Laura

Dawn Jenkins said...

All I have to say is, "What a woman!!!" Seriously, you amaze me and inspire me. What an amazing, amazing Mama and wife. It makes me really miss you.
All my love,