Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween: Lion Cub & Construction Worker

A few days before Halloween, we met some friends (thanks Bryant's!) at a park to decorate sugar cookies. I don't know what the kids enjoyed more, playing with friends on the playground, decorating cookies, or eating them! It was all a blast! And I enjoyed watching them just as much; they were so excited!
Dean carefully places little m&ms on his cookie.Our Lioness is done decorating and ready to eat! Dean's ready to dig in, too!
We went to our church's Halloween festival Saturday afternoon, and then that night, we went trick-or-treating with cousin Emma (the mermaid) in her subdivision.
Bob (Dean) the Builder, Lion cub, and Mermaid
We rode on a little wagon to go trick-or-treating.
Dean & KatieLynn get thier 'treat', and usually remembered to say thank-you.

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Dawn Jenkins said...

too sweet...oh that Katielynn is just beautiful!