Friday, January 29, 2010

Outsides Pics

I just have a few pics of the kids playing outside. If it's raining, we stay inside the house, but otherwise, we are outside every day! Swinging is a favorite. Darren hung the swings up in the tree, which is very sturdy, but very high... which is fun for the kids, except that it's so high that it is hard to swing by yourself, so I have to push a lot!Riding bikes is also a favorite. The kids pretend the front porch is their house or kitchen. KatieLynn cooks macaroni, bread, or veggies, while Dean tends to grilling the meat, checking on it several times before it's ready.Here's Dean's all-time favorite place to be! He digs, he dumps, he digs more and more!Though KatieLynn enjoys digging as well, she prefers the swing.

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Dawn Jenkins said...

Great post...are kiddos could be brothers/sisters! Hey...we are coming to Giddings May 15th for my 30th birthday. I think Ronnie and I are going to the dance at the Giddings Fair Friday or Saturdya night...just save-the-date b/c I want to hug your neck!