Monday, January 25, 2010

You're a Redneck if.... go to Monster Truck Jam ...TWICE in the same month!

If you know us, even a little, you know that we like trucks, tractors, equipment, anything with wheels! So when Darren and I heard about the monster trucks coming to Houston in early January, we thought it sounded fun... and it was! In fact we had so much fun, that we decided to go again last weekend, and it was just as good or better!!
Below is Toro Loco, one of Dean's favorites!

Toro Loco jumping over lots of cars

Monster Mutt Dalmation (with a girl driver!) was a favorite of KatieLynn's

Here's Jurassic Attack with a lost tire; the loaders are coming to move him out of the way. Dean was just as excited about the construction equipment as the trucks, as they moved broken trucks, wrecked cars, and pushed dirt for new layouts.

Unfortunately I don't have more pics, as my camera died midshow. Dean is quite unique in his show watching; he sits still as a mouse!! Because the trucks are so loud, the kids and I wear earplugs, and at first Dean's fell out a few times, but we got it figured out so that they would stay in. But I think he was worried that they would fall out, so that's why he sat so still. During intermission, he did talk, laugh, and eat popcorn and cotton candy, and then on the way home he talked nonstop about all the action! KatieLynn had a great time watching everything too, but she didn't let the earplugs slow her down any (with talking or eating!). She was much more subdued on the way home though; I think her no-nap days catch up with her pretty quickly at nighttime!

If you like trucks or crashing, I would highly reccomend Monster Truck Jam!

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