Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend in San Antonio

This past weekend we went with my parents for a mini-vacation to San Antonio. We got there Friday afternoon, where the kids were anxious to swim in the hotel pool. After swimming and relaxing for a while, we ate yummy Mexican food, and then settled into our hotel room to watch Swamp Loggers before turning out the lights.

On Saturday we headed to Sea World. The kids played in the middle play area, but I wasn't entirely comfortable. There were people EVERYwhere, and it was difficult to keep an eye on both kids through all the mazes. The kids and I went on some of the water slides. The slides were fun, but very crowded, and a little foul smelling. We watched a couple of shows, and loved AZUL! It was like circus on/in the water! If we are able to go back next year, I think we will plan to go during the week (not the weekend), as soon as KatieLynn is out of school (her school gets out a little earlier than most schools, so it should be less crowded, plus not so hot!)

Sunday morning we ate breakfast in our room, and then enjoyed a couple of hours at the pool, before we checked out. We ate lunch, and then headed home. I was shocked that Dean didn't nap in the car, but he was in bed that night at 7:15, and KatieLynn at 7:30, and they both slept 12+ hours! We all had a fun time, but were also ready to sleep in our own beds Sunday night.

Bebe & Papa with the kids One of the AZUL performers
KatieLynn cools off at hotel
Dean splashing in the water

The hotel pool was pretty neat!

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