Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Weekend

Hurricane Ike hit early this morning, and I feel very sorry for all the people that had damage from the winds and flooding. We thankfully, haven't come out too bad. The kids and I came to my parents' house in Brenham, yesterday morning, and have had a great time visiting and playing. Darren stayed in Hockley, at his parents' house, so he could keep an eye on our house and cattle, but still be in a brick house when the winds came. The wind really blew apparently, but the house is still in good shape. The bad news for the kids, is our trampoline is missing. I'm hoping we'll find it in one of the fields, still intact, but Darren is doubtful. I haven't seen the yard, but Darren said there's sticks and limbs everywhere, and it will take both of us a full day to get it all picked up -he's quite worried about it! All in all, we are very lucky! Our power is still out in Hockley, so Darren came to Brenham to visit us, take a bath, and sleep in the A/C!

The kids and I went swimming this week, and we had a great time! Dean and KatieLynn love to jump in, and then climb out, and do it again and again!
Hi Dean!KatieLynn jumps in!
KatieLynn gets ready to throw the ball.
Dean could spend hours in the sandbox.
KatieLynn takes care of Molly (her doll)
KatieLynn and Dean drive their tractors all over the yard.

Dean wears his hat that he got at Vacation Bible School.
He will rotate between this hat and his JD hat.

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Julie said...

I am so glad that you and the kids stayed with your parents during the hurricane. I didn't realize that it affected Hockley that much. It might be kind of fun to make it without eletricity for one day, but not any more than that! I hope the crops have all been harvested or didn't get hurt much. Our trampoline blew away in a storm when I was was never the same! We found it and most of the parts in the field, but it was too bent up to use again. The kids look like they always have so much fun together. They are so stinkin cute! Love, Julie