Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Baby Boy is Growing Up :) :(

Dean is getting so big, and is a great kid. It makes me proud to watch him grow, but also a little sad that I don't have a baby anymore...

This summer we have spent lots of time outside swimming in our little pool, and Dean usually went around in just his swimsuit, with no diaper. He got a real feeling for when he was 'going'. He started telling me when he had to go, just when we were outside, so he would go #1 outside pretty well. Then later when KatieLynn would need to go to the bathroom, she'd go in Dean's bathroom, so that Dean would sit on the little potty. In early August I put underwear on him, and after the first day, he got the hang of it. For several days we switched back and forth between underwear and pullups. Now he goes everywhere in his big boy underwear (except to sleep), and enjoys looking at the trains or cars on his undies. I think if I could have found some tractor underwear, he would have kept them dry from day one. :) I looked everywhere for the tractors, but we settled for Thomas, Lightning, & Mater.... but if anyone finds tractor underwear, please let me know!!

Dean likes to read his books when he goes #2 business! I'm a big boy! Every time he goes (I go with him), whenever he returns, he always wants KatieLynn and/or Darren to brag on him. KatieLynn now starts telling him 'good job' and 'I'm so proud of you' as soon as he walks back in the room. Sweet girl!
In cleaning, I came across some potty training scrapbook stickers, and realized I had no real pictures of Dean on the potty, so I started taking some! KatieLynn kept telling me to take a picture of her so she could say cheese and laugh, so I am including her in the bathroom. :)

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Julie said...

Dean is so cute sitting on the toilet like a big boy! It sounds like potty training Dean was a breeze. I hope it goes that well for us! I think we are going to start soon. I will be on the look out for tractor undies!! KatieLynn looks so grown up too. She is such a great big sister! Lots of love, Julie