Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Girl turns 4!!

This year, KatieLynn wanted an 'orange' birthday party. One of her favorite shows to watch is Strawberry Shortcake, and she really likes the girl named Orange Blossom, plus her favorite fruit to eat is oranges; she eats one nearly every night... anyway an orange-themed birthday party was what she picked so we did the best we could. On Saturday, we had close family and a couple of KatieLynn's favorite friends over to celebrate. The kids ate and played, then sang Happy Birthday, and ate and played some more. It was a fun party!

KatieLynn passes out some of her oranges to Claire, Emma, Dean, and Hadley.Monday, March 30, was the actual birthday, and KatieLynn chose to have lunch at Chuck E Cheese. The kids had a large time playing, climbing in the tunnels, and eating pizza, and I think even Darren had fun.While Dean will eat practically any dessert, KatieLynn is a little more pickey. She does love icing, but not a cake fan, and ice cream is one of her favorites. On her real birthday she asked for brownies and ice cream for dessert, so that's what we fixed.This past weekend, we went with Darren to haul hay to the cows. The kids loved playing on the trailer while Daddy loaded it up.While Daddy & Dean fed the hay to the cows, KatieLynn picked flowers and stacked up rocks. Special things
  • KatieLynn is great about finding the silver lining in all things; even when she's in trouble, she can smile and say "but tomorrow I'll get to... :)"
  • Before she goes to bed, she wants to snuggle with me between her bedtime story and kiss good-night.
  • She remembers Everything!
  • She's good about taking turns (though sometimes she very much prefers to have the 1st turn, she then gives away the next turn very quickly)
  • She always includes Dean and wants to make sure he has what she does.
  • She gives great hugs and kisses.
  • KatieLynn is very confident, but also knows her limits, whether it's physical or social, and she stops when it's too much.
  • She's a great eater! Queso and chips is her favorite (she is after all my daughter!), but also loves pizza and red meat. She likes practically every fruit, and is good about eating raw vegtables like tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and celery. Milk and water are her main beverages, but lemonade is her special drink.
  • Playing outside is her alltime favorite: swinging, riding her pedal tractor and trike, jumping on trampoline, digging in the dirtpile, helping me in the flower beds, exploring the yard, hayfields, ricefields, riding tractors with Daddy
  • Inside is fun too: Diecast Thomas and friends trains, dollhouse, taking care of babydolls, toy tractors & hay, painting, playdoh, reading books, play cooking and real cooking
  • Favorite to watch on TV: Strawberry Shortcake, Thomas the Train, Sesame Street
I truly can't believe the little baby I brought home from the hospital 4 short years ago has grown into the sweet, young girl she is now. As soon as she was born, I loved her more than I could have ever imagined, but now we love her even more! God has blessed us so much! I pray that we will be Godly parents and good examples for both our kids.


Dawn Jenkins said...

Love the pic of Katie Lynn in the orange shirt!!! Can you believe our kids are going up way too fast!

Heather said...

That was such a sweet post! You are an awesome mom! Katielynn is adorable!! I can't believe how quickly they grow up!

Julie said...

It is so hard to beileve that Katie Lynn is 4 years old!! She is such a doll! It looks like she had a great birthday. The rodeo looked like lots of fun too. Riley LOVES pony rides too. I hope yall have a great Easter! Love, Julie