Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Warm Weather and Weddings!

Last week it was so warm that we got out the little pool. My pictures aren't that good, but I can tell you that the kids had a BALL! The water was cold, but there was no wind and lots of bright sunshine when they got in before and after lunch. The only way I could get them in for naptime, was to promise they could get back in when they woke up. However, later in the afternoon, the wind had picked up, and it was much more cloudy... but they were both determined to get back in. KatieLynn woke up from nap before Dean, and headed straight to the pool. She actually stayed in for 30 minutes, and Dean made it about 10, but I made them both hop out when they started to turn blue. :) LOL! Dean loves going down the slide.
My mom sent this little dress home with me last Tuesday; I think it was an Easter dress of mine from my Grandma Lacy. Anyway, it looked like it might fit KatieLynn, though we were both unsure if she would be interested as she generally only wears dresses to church, and even those dresses can't be too 'frooffy'. But as soon as she saw it, she asked me if it was my wedding dress? Then she ran to her room, changed her clothes into the dress and said that she was a bride. Then later she said she was going to the ball and got Prince Dean to dance with her.
Princess KatieLynn
KatieLynn: Lately we read the bible story of Jonah and the Whale, which we've read before and we watch the Jonah Veggietales movie, but when we read it this last time, KatieLynn had lots of questions and pondering. So a few days later Dean was doing something he wasn't supposed to, and I corrected him, KatieLynn told him that if he disobeyed he might get swallowed by a whale. And has since reminded him several times to not get into trouble unless he wanted to be swallowed by a whale! I was totally cracked up. :)
Dean: We've been talking to the kids about snakes a lot, since they're starting to come awake. And if they see one, to quickly get away and tell us. Then a few days ago, there was a copperhead close to the kids' sandpile that I killed with a shovel. The next day Dean ran up to me, saying 'snake, snake'. I grabbed a shovel and followed him. What I found was a gigantic and very furry caterpillar, but only 4" max. :) Relieved we watched him crawl around for a little while.


Dawn Jenkins said...

Oh Nicole those stories are PRICELESS...Seriously when can we start "arranging" that marriage?=)
I love ya girlie!!! Hugs all around

The Mach's said...

Very cute! Wish we could have come swim too--been very busy!!! Love the Jonah story, hey, if it works, what's wrong with a kid thinking he's going to get swallowed by a whale :) I'm such a slacker, but I want you guys to come over soon!

Dawn Jenkins said...

I tagged ya on my blog...hope you have fun!

Julie said...

I love hearing about things that kids do! Katie Lynn does look like a princess. I am glad that Dean is willing to particiapte in her fairy tales. And the Jonah story...love it! I bet you can get the kids to behave for a long time using that one! My mom and dad have killed three rattle snakes at their house now. My mom and Riley killed on of them. I hope Riley now knows what they look like and to stay away. We are not quite warm enough for the pool, but it looks like we will be in thte next couple of days. Love you, Julie