Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday morning we started early with an Easter party at our church. We ate pancakes, colored, played, and hunted eggs. We got home to get stuff together for lunch, then headed down the road to Darren's grandpa's house. The kids played with some of their cousins and then ate yummy steaks that Darren, Glenn, and Greg grilled. After lunch, the daddies hid eggs, and the kiddos had a large time hunting eggs again. Dean and Daddy went home to take a nap, while KatieLynn and I went to surprise Catherine (my friend who happens to be 8 1/2 months pregnant with her 2nd baby; her oldest, Hadley, just turned 3). KatieLynn hunted eggs for the 3rd time that day with Hadley and her cousins. Sunday morning we attended church, and then went to Brenham for Easter lunch and one more Easter egg hunt. It stormed pretty hard that morning, but the sun was shining by lunchtime, and we hunted eggs outside with no problem.
I don't know how I could talk about Easter without mentioning Jesus. It is unthinkable what Jesus went through those days before Easter, and I can't begin to imagine what his mother felt. All I know is how grateful I am that Jesus loved us all so much.
The kids pretend to read the hymnals while we visit after church.KatieLynn and Dean work on their coloring sheets at church Saturday morning.I don't have a picture of Dean with the Easter bunny, because he had absolutely no interest in getting very close. After KatieLynn sat with the bunny, he gave her a little cup and pencil, and Dean was interested in that... we tried to bribe him to pose with the bunny, but the best the Easter bunny got this year was a wave from Dean. The wave did get Dean the cup and pencil. :) KatieLynn was happy to sit with the bunny; she's not scared of muchDean would check out the eggs before he put them in his basket, and it didn't take long for him to drop his basket, and play on the playground equipment.KatieLynn filled her basket to the brim (Darren bought this longaberger basket on her first Easter, but we may need to get a bigger basket for next year).Cousins: Emma, Claire, KatieLynn, & Dean

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Dawn Jenkins said...

Hoppy Easter right back at ya!!!=)