Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Teddy Bears

This year for Dean's birthday, KatieLynn wanted to give Dean some clothes (that I made) for his bear. Denver (his teddy bear) is Dean's favorite stuffed animal. It was given to him when he was born by my brother and his wife; we named it Denver because that's where it came from. I first looked to see if I could buy some clothes, but didn't find anything I thought would work, so I made him overalls. I only had a little fabric from her bedding, and since I didn't have a pattern, I decided to use some of KatieLynn's bedding fabric to make my practice overalls for her 'TinkerBear' (also given to her as a baby from my brother) that is similar in size to Denver. She was really excited about this, especially because the day after Dean's bday, KatieLynn was having 'bear day' at school. I also made Buck (the deer :)) and John Deere bear some collars (to match the one I made for Denver when he was little). Dean could not have been more pleased when he opened the present!Here's Denver and TinkerBear together!

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